Our People

Ali Ahmad Khan
Chief Commercial Officer
Fareeha Ahmad
Chief Curriculum Development Advisor
Sara Zubair
Chief Communications Advisor

BES CEO Kasim Kasuri, also the CEO of Beaconhouse, oversees the education of 315,000 students in Southeast Asia, the Gulf, and Europe. He has made commendable contributions to the development of education in Pakistan and played a key role in Beaconhouse’s international expansion, positioning the network as a 21st-century learning leader.

As the founder of TNS Beaconhouse, Kasim introduced project-based learning and IB education to Pakistan and revolutionised the country’s education landscape. He is also the founder and Chair of the annual School of Tomorrow (SOT) Events, which brings together international thought leaders to explore the possibilities of the future of education.

Kasim’s international leadership extends beyond education; he has represented Pakistan at various international summits and served on advisory councils such as the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Agenda Council on Pakistan. His achievements have been recognized by the WEF, which nominated him as a ‘Young Global Leader’ from 2009-2014.

As the Chief Commercial Officer for BES and Chief Operating Officer of Beaconhouse, Ali brings a wealth of experience in education management and business strategy. With over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing progressive business models, he has a strong track record of delivering operational excellence, driving innovation, and creating value for clients.

Ali plays a key role in developing BES’s consulting services. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by educational institutions, Ali has helped clients improve their operational processes, develop new services, and implement digital transformation initiatives.

Ali’s approach of championing innovative and dynamic strategies in delivering educational excellence positions BES to continue delivering progressive solutions and driving positive change within the education sector.

Chief Curriculum Development Advisor at BES, Fareeha Ahmed also holds the position of Director of Education Development for the Beaconhouse Group, bringing over 30 years of experience in education to her role. She earned an MEd in Leadership and Management in Education from the University of Bradford, UK.

Fareeha has been a key leader in various projects, including curriculum review and design for K-12 education, talent development through professional development, and school evaluation benchmarking. She is responsible for providing strategic direction and vision for the instructional framework and pedagogical approach to the academic programmes. She monitors the progress of school performance, student achievement objectives, and academic excellence indicators to ensure alignment with strategies for school improvement.

One of Fareeha’s significant accomplishments has been the design and implementation of a School-Based Professional Development Model for schools, which is a commitment to sustainable, high-quality self-improving education systems. Her leadership and vision have been instrumental in driving Beaconhouse’s ongoing efforts to improve educational outcomes and establish itself as a leader in the field of education.