Our Startups

Bitty Bop's Perfumery

Bitty Bop’s Perfumery unveils affordable wax-based fragrances for summers in Pakistan. Serving as both standalone fragrances and perfume extenders, it promises freshness.


BreatheEasy, a health-tech startup, introduces Pakistan’s first affordable, eco-friendly water-based air purifier, driven by a mission to provide clean air for all.

Go Clean

Go Clean, a green-tech initiative that transforms community trash into treasure, collecting organic waste with free bins and converting it to clean biogas for cooking—fueling a greener tomorrow

Pak Maweshi

Pak Maweshi. This Urdu-centric, pictorial tech platform seamlessly connects livestock owners with dairy companies and cattle markets. Leveraging advanced AI tools, it is set to revolutionise livestock health and management.


Takhti.pk, an ed-tech platform, is an online science and technology magazine for school students, harnessing A.I. to translate English content into Pakistan’s regional languages, making information locally accessible