Introducing SparkTank Cohort 2

SparkTank is thrilled to announce the 10 shortlisted startups for SparkTank Cohort 2! These initiatives have made the cut out of 450 applicants, and we are eager to see how they evolve on this exciting journey. Here’s a sneak peek at our Cohort 2 stars:


Founders: Khairunissa Hussain, Mahnum Faisal, Eman Khosa, Ameena Agha, Aryanna Jehan Khan, Dina Hamid-Khan, Rania Haroon

(TNS Beaconhouse & Lahore Grammar School) 

Patang is revolutionising streetwear by blending Pakistani culture with sustainable practices. This brand uses eco-friendly materials and repurposes fashion waste to create unique, low-impact clothing. Patang’s designs fuse traditional Pakistani embroidery and block printing with contemporary Western styles, supporting local tailors and promoting ethical fashion.


Founder: Rawasia Hassan

Beaconhouse Johar Town, Lahore

Named after the startup itself, Aladdin is set to transform how services are accessed and offered. This app uses geofencing to connect users with a variety of local service providers, making it easier to find and provide services in localised areas. Aladdin also creates job opportunities for skilled individuals, especially women, making it a powerful tool for community upliftment.

Arduino King

Founder: Radhe Krishna

Beaconhouse Clifton, Karachi

Arduino King’s SMARTGUID is a cutting-edge assistive device designed to enhance mobility for the visually impaired and elderly. This innovative stick is equipped with sensors that beep when obstacles are detected, helping users navigate safely and independently. The SMARTGUID aims to protect users from falls and boost their confidence in moving around.


Founders: Aina Rafique, Eshal Khan, Fakyha Hassan, Manal Malik, Maryam Gondal, Minahil Ali

Beaconhouse Main Campus, Multan

ECStraordinary is an online platform that offers Pakistani students access to global and national internships and extracurricular opportunities. This initiative is all about boosting careers and personal growth through valuable experiences.


Founders: Omer Ali Malik, Amr Nazir Ahmed 

Aitchison College, Lahore

Learnables is a specialised tablet packed with educational games, eBooks, courses, and apps, powered by a Raspberry Pi 4B+ processor and showcased on a 10-inch HD touchscreen. This platform aligns seamlessly with classroom curriculums, offering tailored lessons and real-time tracking of student performance. Parents can also monitor progress and set educational goals through an accompanying mobile app.

Solar Cooker

Founder: Minahil Gillani 

SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Lahore

Solar Cooker makes innovative ovens that use solar power to tackle the rising costs and environmental impact of traditional cooking fuels. Offering an affordable and sustainable alternative, Solar Cooker aims to reduce household energy costs and emissions.


Founders: Ali Ahmad Chaudhry, Bahram Aamir Mittro, Muhammad Equan Ali

Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur & Beaconhouse Main Campus, Multan

SucraWare creates disposable organic plates from raw bagasse, a byproduct of sugarcane processing. Their mission to reduce environmental pollution is turning eco-friendly concepts into practical products. SucraWare is paving the way toward a healthier planet and thriving economy with their sustainable solutions.


Founder: Hafsa Alam

Beaconhouse Gulshan, Karachi

Sunzili is breaking barriers with their revolutionary smart glasses designed for the hearing impaired. These glasses display real-time subtitles on the lenses, translating spoken words into text via a mobile app, making communication more accessible than ever.

Super Girls

Founder: Aleena Khan

Govt. Mir Hassan Girls High School, Sialkot

Super Girls is dedicated to improving access to affordable, high-quality menstrual hygiene products. Recognizing the critical role of menstrual hygiene in female health and well-being, this initiative aims to enhance the quality of life and health outcomes for women and girls nationwide.

Sustainable Living

Founder: Hadia Tariq

Beaconhouse Mirpur Campus, AJK

Sustainable Living addresses the challenges of unplanned settlements due to mass migration by constructing affordable bamboo houses. These homes are equipped with eco-friendly features like rainwater harvesting, septic tanks, grey water recycling, and waste management systems, promoting sustainable living solutions.

Cohort 2 begins the SparkTank adventure in June 2024. We wish these ground-breaking projects the best and can’t wait to share their journeys with you. Stay tuned for updates on their progress!